Business Operations
Investment Fraud

  Analysis    Resolution    Protection  
Due Diligence    Litigation Support

We provide anti-fraud and anti-corruption business services to protect companies
investors from corruption and fraudulent activities.

Our clients are individuals, lenders, investors and business management.  

You may hear about us; you will not hear about our clients from us.  We keep your situation private. 
We focus on closely held companies, family owned and privately owned companies. 
Our clients include company presidents, owners, lenders, private equity capital investors, attorneys.
Client Services
  • Fraud prevention procedures and financial forensics to protect business operations from suspicious and fraudulent activity
  • Forensic analysis for suspicious activity with no paper trail
  • Compliance examination for investor protection
  • Due diligence analysis for investment offers and business acquisitions.
  • Expert witness – litigation support
  • Suspicious insurance loss claims

Contact:  Alex Kwechansky, DABFA


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